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Group 8760's GISBAgent® Software Now Supports Delivery of XML Documents over the Internet

Wednesday, May 25, 2000 • Birmingham, Alabama

Group 8760 LLC announced today that it is providing support for the delivery of XML documents over the Internet using its GISBAgent® communications software.

Dick Brooks, Group 8760’s chief technology officer, said that while several companies offer XML-only transport solutions, Group 8760’s GISBAgent® can transport all e-commerce data regardless of its format, including XML, X12, image data and text data.

“Group 8760, as one of the architects of ebXML specifications, is providing a solution that will benefit all companies looking to use the Internet for business-to-business e-commerce,” Brooks said. “Our GISBAgent® software is now the most secure and reliable software package for companies seeking a single transport solution for all their e-commerce communications.”

Jim Buccigross, vice president of Group 8760’s energy practice and chairman of the executive committee of the Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB), said, “Both the natural gas and electric industries have established work groups to investigate XML’s capabilities as a language to describe business transactions. We believe XML will find application within the energy industry, and when that need is identified, Group 8760 will be ready to provide secure, reliable delivery of the XML data sets.”

Pete Byrne, chairman of the Utility Industry Group (UIG) and e-commerce consultant for GPU Energy, a Group 8760 client, said, “As the energy industry changes, it's essential that companies have a variety of delivery mechanisms available to reach all of their customers and business partners. They must exchange not only EDI but many other kinds of files as well, which is why it's so important that their communications choices not be limited”.

Group 8760 CEO John Williams said, “Group 8760 is committed to delivering practical solutions to real-world problems. Our clients in the health care and energy industries told us they wanted a single solution to transport all their electronic commerce data, including proprietary formatted EDI, X12, EDIFACT, XML and other business data. We listened to our clients, and these enhancements to GISBAgent® represent our response to their needs.”

Group 8760 LLC is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for the energy and health care markets. Four of the seven electric distribution companies in Pennsylvania’s deregulated utility market are Group 8760 clients. Group 8760’s enabling technology, InsideAgent®, provides the electronic infrastructure that allows clients to connect directly with customers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and other trading partners.