Energy Industry Consulting

  • NAESB and FERC Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Audits

  • NAESB Certification

  • Consulting on Natural Gas and Electric purchase and sale agreements

  • Consulting on interpretation and implementation of the NAESB Standards

8760, Inc. has an extensive and long standing involvement and history regarding NAESB, and it's predecessor GISB (Gas Industry Standards Board). 8760, Inc.'s James H. (Jim) Buccigross, Esq., is the current Chairman of the NAESB Executive Committee, an instructor for NAESB training seminars on the NAESB Contracts and Standards, and acts as 8760 Inc.'s representative on many NAESB subcommittees and task forces. John Williams is a past member of the NAESB Board and participated in the evolution of GISB to NAESB.

Mr. Buccigross has headed 8760, Inc. audits of many interstate natural pipelines for NAESB and FERC compliance (including an LNG facility). Some have subsequently requested - and been granted - NAESB Certification for their web sites, data requirements, and back-end systems.

8760, Inc. also consults and advises wholesale and retail purchasers of natural gas and electricity, including contract modifications, special terms and provisions, and related services.