Our Commitment

Commitment to Customers

8760, Inc. is committed to secure and successful transmission of data between trading partners and ensuring our customer's maintain maximum energy efficiency.

8760 Inc.'s top priority is ensuring our customers receive the best.

Commercial Industrial Agent (CIA) enables users to view real time information on power usage by motor, motor groups, and total plant. This innovative product lowers user's energy cost through Energy Decision Support, Power Monitoring Alerts, and Predictive Maintenance.

Inside Agent (IA) has for many years ensured our clients successful execution of all types of energy transactions. IA enables our clients to perform more than 5 Billion transactions annually worth over $65 Billion.

Commitment to Industry

8760, Inc. has played a significant role in revolutionizing the energy market infrastructure. Through members intricately aligned with NAESB, FERC, and UIG, 8760, Inc. has a continual commitment to propelling the Energy Industry forward.

"8760 Inc. is leading the pack in terms of Internet EDI and transaction management products. Through its direct sales channels and relationships with other service providers and vendors...it has started to build a strong customer base. That growth is expected to continue, especially as GISB EDM emerges as the default standard for EDI transactions in the retail energy market. Group 8760 also has a secret weapon: Its founders and management team have extensive expertise and experience with the GISB EDM standard. In fact, a couple of members of 8760's team actually helped develop the GISB Standard. Let's face it: no one deserves the name GISB Guys like Group 8760..."

- AMR Research, Industry & Market Analysis Firm