Commercial Industrial Agent

We monitor. You save.

CIA enables users to view real time information on power usage by motor, motor groups, and total plant. This innovative product lowers user's energy cost through Energy Decision Support, Power Monitoring Alerts, and Predictive Maintenance.


Energy Decision Support

  • Real-time motor, motor group, and plant energy data
  • Real-time motor, motor group, and plant energy costs
  • Easily identify "power hogs"

Contract and Scenario Analysis

  • 'What-if' senario analysis
  • Contract comparisons
  • View production shifting scenarios

Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

  • Real-time alerts via text/email for motor irregularities


CIA uses existing infrastructure to operate, only needing a WiFi network and the applicable sensors. Organizations can buy sensors for one motor, all motors, and everywhere in between. Once installed, the sensors automatically configure themselves and connect to the user's database within 8760's servers, streamlining installation to immediately begin savings.

In choice states, CIA's Contract Comparison capabilities give executives the knowledge and negotiation power to make strategic energy decisions.

In instances where per motor usage is not needed, companies can leverage CIA's energy use analytics tools for the entire plant. With access to the company's history and current usage, CIA can manage the data to make strategic energy use decisions, without the cost of the sensors for the individual motors.

8760 offers many different payment and purchasing options that can be tailored to provide the most value for the customer.