Inside Agent 4.0

The power of connection.

Certified by NAESB, it is used for secure, reliable, and guaranteed data transmission Inside Agent 4.0 is secure and tested internet electronic document delivery software that provides fully integrated EDM and EDI.

Inside Agent 4.0

  • NAESB Certified
  • >5B Transactions Worth >$65B per Year
  • Over 70% of Choice Market Transactions
  • Easily Integrated
  • Audit Reports
  • File Archives
  • Browser Based Administration
  • Step Last Processing
  • Transaction Logs
  • Translation Support and Integration
  • Meets Security Standards of FERC and Choice States' Public Utility Commissions
  • Additional Transport Protocols Supported
  • Backend Integration with EZEC

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Inside Agent is the most widely used product for exchanging mission critical data over the Internet between choice state gas/electric utilities and their partners. Certified by the North American Energy Standards Board, it is used for secure, reliable, and guaranteed data transmission. Inside Agent is the answer to your electronic delivery requirements. It delivers a complete trading partner-to-trading partner solution, and as a result strengthens business efficiencies, increases cost savings, and improves control over information and business processes.

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