Expert Witness Services

8760's VP Mr. Buccigross has served as a consulting and testimonial expert witness in various cases related to energy supply contracts and force majeure declarations, as well as interpretation and compliance relating to the NAESB contracts and standards.

Mr. Buccigross, Esq., is the current Chairman of the NAESB Executive Committee, an instructor for NAESB training seminars on the NAESB Contracts and Standards, and acts as Group 8760 LLC's representative on many NAESB subcommittees and task forces.

Mr. Buccigross has presented testimony and expert opinions before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as well as other state regulatory and legislative bodies.


Representative sample listing of cases where 8760 Inc. acted as a consulting and/or testimonial expert:

Gulf South Pipeline Company LP vs. Duke Energy Field Services LP, et al, US District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston Division), Case No. H-04-3623.

Apache Corporation vs. Virginia Power Energy Marketing, Inc., and Dominion Resources, Inc., In the District Court of Harris County Texas, 157'th Judicial District, Cause No. 2005-76899.

Apache Corporation vs. Sempra, In the District Court of Harris County Texas, 157th Judicial District, Cause No. 2006-18659.

Rockies Express Shippers vs. Northern Natural Gas Company, United States of America, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Docket No. RP08-29-000.

Hess Corporation vs. ENI Petroleum US LLC and ENI USA Gas Marketing LLC, Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County: Law Division, Docket No. MID-L-6149-10