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Group 8760 Announces GISB Certification for E-Commerce Product

March 22, 2000 • Birmingham, Alabama

Group 8760 announces the certification of its Energy industry e-commerce product offering, GISBAgent, by the Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) today. GISBAgent is only the second product to receive GISB's technical standards certification which began as a voluntary program in September 1999. "I am pleased that Group 8760 chose to undergo GISB Certification for its InsideAgent and GISBAgent software products. Customers of Group 8760 can now be ensured that the critical elements of GISB's Electronic Delivery Mechanism standards are supported," said Rae McQuade, executive director of GISB.

GISBAgent is an electronic delivery mechanism for the secure, reliable exchange of business transactions between trading partners over the Internet. It is used primarily in the Energy industry, but is also used by organizations in the Healthcare market desiring an E-commerce solution to exchange business transactions with trading partners. GISBAgent provides data exchange regardless of data format, is browser independent, and is based on non-proprietary, open standards. "The GISB certification differentiates our solution from other products which can only claim 'GISB-compliance' ' states Dick Brooks, Chief Technical Officer of Group 8760 and Co-Chairman of GISB's Electronic Delivery Mechanism Committee. According to Brooks "GISBAgent provides a secure means of transmitting data over the Internet that rivals the Value-added Network vendors in reliability and also addresses the interoperability issue that has been essential in the development of the GISB standard." GISB-certification ensures that products meet the stringent standards critical to E-commerce between trading partners over the Internet.

Group 8760 LLC is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for the energy and health care markets. Group 8760's enabling technology, InsideAgent® provides the electronic infrastructure that allows clients to connect directly with customers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and other trading partners. GISBAgent® is an electronic delivery mechanism for electronic file exchange over the Internet for the Energy industry.