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Energy Marketer Energetix Chooses Group 8760's Market-Leading GISBAgent® For Electronic Commerce in Electricity Market

October 30, 2001 - Albany, NY

Group 8760 has solidified its position as the leading supplier of electronic commerce solutions in deregulated gas and electricity markets in the United States by adding Energetix to its list of clients. Energetix, a marketing subsidiary of RGS Energy Group Inc., the holding company that also owns the Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. (RG&E) utility, recently implemented Group 8760's Gas Industry Standards Board certified GISBAgent® software for energy transactions over the Internet. Since RG&E has also implemented GISBAgent®, Energetix becomes the second RGS company to use Group 8760's product.

Group 8760, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, made the Energetix announcement at a meeting of the New York State Public Utilities Commission on extension of electronic data interchange requirements in the state's deregulated electricity market to marketers as well as distribution companies. In all, over 40 distribution and marketing companies throughout the nation use GISBAgent®. Five of the seven distribution companies in New York's deregulated electricity market use GISBAgent®: RG&E, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., National Fuel Gas Co., New York State Electric and Gas Co. and KeySpan.

"Group 8760 was chosen because of its proven track record with all the utilities we're dealing with in New York," said Robert Hobday, managing director, strategic issues, for Energetix. He added, "Installation of GISBAgent® went very well at Energetix. Group 8760 provided excellent documentation and completed their work, as promised, on time."

Jim Buccigross, vice president of Group 8760"s energy practice, said, "This implementation shows once again that GISBAgent® is flexible enough to meet the needs of all participants in deregulated gas and electricity markets, whether they're traditional utilities or marketers like Energetix. "This is also a further demonstration of the value of GISB standards to the competitive markets in electricity as well as natural gas," said Buccigross, who chairs GISB's Executive Committee. "With GISB poised to become part of a standards board for the entire energy industry, it's clear that its work has wide applicability in a converging marketplace."

Group 8760 has been helping utility companies leverage technological and regulatory changes since 1996. Group 8760's GISBAgent® product is the most widely used method for exchanging mission critical data between deregulated electric and gas utilities and their trading partners over the Internet. Additional information on Group 8760 is available on the Internet at www.8760.com or by contacting Helen Markland or Jim Mark at (205) 802-7569.