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Group 8760’s GISBAgent® First Product to Receive Certification For Compliance with Latest Version of GISB Standards

October 24, 2001 - Birmingham, AL

Group 8760 is the first company to receive certification for compliance with the latest version of Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) standards.

Group 8760’s GISBAgent®, the market-leading Internet communications solution in the nation’s competitive energy markets, has been certified as being in compliance with Version 1.5 of GISB standards, the company learned this week.

“I’m very pleased that Group 8760’s GISBAgent® is the first offering to be GISB-certified on Version 1.5 of the standards,” said Jim Mark, chief operating officer of Group 8760, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. “The 1.5 standards include significant additional functionality, including incorporation of the Internet Engineering Task Force’s AS2 standards. This functionality provides additional security and reliability while maintaining the inexpensive nature of electronic data interchange."

“GISB certification is a seal of approval that lets our customers know that we meet -and in many cases exceed-GISB standards relating to electronic exchange of data,” Mark continued. “Our customers select Group 8760 for three reasons: we are the market leader, we have proven knowledge of energy industry standards, and our GISBAgent® software works."

“Group 8760 is ready to move into the future with our GISB-certified AS2 product,” he said.

GISB Executive Director Rae McQuade said, “Group 8760 has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of GISB’s certification program. The Version 1.5 certification that GISBAgent® has received should increase the value of this product to Group 8760’s customers.”

Group 8760 has been helping utility companies leverage technological and regulatory changes since 1996. Group 8760’s GISBAgent® product is the most widely used method for exchanging mission critical data between deregulated electric and gas utilities and their trading partners over the Internet, with over 40 distribution companies and energy service providers using the product. Additional information on Group 8760 is available on the Internet at www.8760.com or by contacting Helen Markland or Jim Mark at (205) 250-8053.