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Group 8760: Bringing Standardization to Utility E-Commerce Transactions

Reprinted from AMR Research's Alert on Utilities Applications, June 14, 2000 with permission.

Group 8760 (Birmingham, AL) was formed in 1996 to provide e-commerce systems for the Energy and Health care industry. It has leveraged its founders' expertise and involvement with the Gas Industry Standard Board (GISB) electronic delivery mechanism subcommittee and executive board. Group 8760 the developed the InsideAgent electronic infrastructure and GISBAgent electronic delivery agent software products. These products provide an electronic delivery mechanism for clients connecting directly with suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and trading partners using X12 EDI or XML messaging.

One of the few vendors that can provide a X12 EDI or XML capability, Group 8760 has entered into the deregulated energy market in Pennsylvania. It provides InsideAgent and GISBAgent on either a UNIX or Windows NT platform. Four of the seven Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) servicing Pennsylvania selected Group 8760 to provide the delivery mechanism for electronic file exchange over the Internet. Besides providing software products, Group 8760 furnishes consulting, services, and maintenance to clients. It is also forming strategic alliances with e-commerce and integration technology service providers when appropriate.

Group 8760 supports the part of the infrastructure that is a critical element in the evolution of the deregulated energy business. By being part of the standards organizations, and furnishing products and services that support the new evolving standards, Group 8760 is well positioned for providing effective products that meet the demands of the market. - Bob Gustafson